Meet The Team


. . . . . 

We met in North Wales working as qualified outdoor instructors. We have 20 years experience between us.

We had a dream of establishing an Adventure Company - we want people to have fun and love the outdoors as much as we do!

Surfing, rock climbing, snorkelling, coasteering, and running around the beach with our crazy dogs is what we are ALL about! 

Our Mission

As an Adventure company, we want to immerse ourselves in nature's playground. We aim to empower & inspire people, bringing positive change to individual lives AND the environment. And we also just want to have fun!

We have a duty to steward our planet and look after it well. 


And we believe the first step in doing this, is by falling in love with what the planet has to offer.



Provide Growth

Through Challenge and Risk

In all activities we will provide a safe environment where you will have opportunities to take some 'perceived risks.'


Risk is inherent in our day to day lives whether we like it or not and so being given an opportunity to experience heightened risk, in an controlled environment - we not only learn things about ourselves but also about others. This personally empowers us, with confidence and resilience to face a multitude of real life situations


It won't necessarily be easy for all of us, but it is essential in order to grow and feel confident in the choices we make. We must remember perceived risk is relative; for one person who has a fear of heights, climbing 2 meters off the floor is just as impressive, if not more so than someone confident, climbing to the top. 

Discover Adventure

On The Land & Sea, With New Eyes

Being able to explore the areas of nature not everyone could get to, it really will be a unique adventure! You may notice and experience things you've never seen before (which we hope to inform you about - so make sure to ask questions!).


Because we will be going to more remote areas ​we may naturally discover environmental issues which we face in today's world, both seen and unseen. 

We hope to inspire change thus protecting these fragile and important habitats, whilst also exploring ways we can change our every day lives for the long term recovery of our planet.


We aim to equip you with a deeper understanding of coastal issues and hopefully provide you with the skills to make informed and responsible decisions.


Provide opportunity

For Greater Self Awareness & Wellbeing

Today we are bombarded with advertisement, media and pressure from others to achieve more in less time. In this fast paced world we seem to always be busy and on the move, often not giving ourselves the time we need to rest and reconnect.


At times this may lead to us neglecting ourselves, not looking after our well being and mental health


We want to provide a space where you can reconnect with yourselves, family and friends through encounters in nature (We believe this is the best way - Outdoor therapy at its' best!). You can indulge in holistic personal and relational discovery; including your strengths, weakness, thoughts, beliefs, motivation and emotions.

Some of the activities will provide environments that will give you raw feelings and responses, these we can review together or in your own time, allowing you an opportunity to discover more about yourself.

Inspire positive vision

For The Future

We want everyone to go away feeling empowered with a sense of achievement and an appreciation of learning something new.

Allowing these things to spark a drive and passion to make an active change in the way we live and respond to life. including:

  • Increased self confidence

  • Strengthened relationships

  • Improved self esteem

  • Higher motivation

  • Improved physical fitness

  • Respect for the planet

  • Feelings of achievement

  • New skills learned

  • Shared memory

All these small things will help us be more positive in every kind of way.