Chapter One .. .. ..

Welcome to the first chapter of Rathlin adventures!

Both myself and my wife had this vision and idea back in 2018 to start an environmental adventure company, where we would provide fun filled and thrilling activities for everyone, and from everywhere whilst also sharing our love, concerns and hopes for the planet we love.

We moved to northern Ireland in 2019 and found Rathlin Island!! A place of beauty and tranquility, a place to lose yourself for a day, and bring back long lasting memories. But after closer inspection of the Island, we found evident scars of how we as humans have been mistreating and damaging this precious environment! immediately we knew that this was the place we would start our venture.

This image here is just one of the many coastal gullies on the island which waste and old vehicles used to be burnt on top of the cliff before being tipped off into the sea, to rust and too innocently damage the fragile marine infrastructure. This very gully you will visit if you coming coasteering with us this season!! you will actually be able to notice how the metal has begun to fuse together in a knotted mass of engines and axles.

One of our company's missions is not too condemn what is in the past but instead, look for ways of pointing to a brighterfuture and find small things we can do, in every day life to help. We simply want to use areas like this as a demonstration to inspire and too make change.

After finding this location we began to search the island for exciting activities we could do with you guys and after stumbling across a endless playground we started to invest into our dream, purchasing boxes and boxes of equipment!! plus a lot of island diplomacy, legal documents, logistics and things you didn't even know about until you try and start a new company.

It certainly felt like Christmas, our dogs Cia and Tullan, where full of curiosity and excitement when they arrived, and we too were excited to play with all our new toys. We cant wait to see you this season and let you guys have some fun with the activities you choose!

We will see you soon!

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