We bought A Website

What a Journey already, and yet we have still so much to achieve! All this is so daunting and so intimidating but it is something we both want to achieve. We now feel this dream of starting an environmental adventure company is so achievable.

All the thanks goes to "causeway enterprise" and "Circle One" who have been the wind in our sails and have encouraged us and helped us both to see that we can run our own business.

The Future is still completely unknown and we still need to get a place to store our kit and run our adventure company from, but the community on Rathlin Island have already been so welcoming and so accommodating we feel that nothing can stop us.

But for now we are trying are hardest to make the adventure begin for this Easter.

We are about to order all our adventure kit. In the season of 2020 it will be brand new and be ready for you to take part in any adventure.

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